Our Services

Corporate Financing

UMB-IHL through its corporate finance and advisory team combines its wealth of financial, commercial and technical expertise to provide a full range of advice to assist clients evaluate an opportunity, or execute a transaction. We develop and provide tailor made solutions to all the corporate finance and advisory needs of both individual and institutional clients. Our corporate finance and advisory services cover all sectors, including but not limited to financial (includes banking and insurance), real estate, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agribusiness, education and transportation. We provide a variety of corporate finance and advisory services. These include but are not be limited to the following:  Corporate restructuring: UMB IHL restructures and reorganizes the operational, legal and shareholding structure of a business. This results in increased operational efficiency and also improves the company’s profitability.

Debt Advisory & Arranging: We offer independent and objective debt finance advice to both individual and corporate clients, and also assist in arranging and restructuring of new and existing debt facilities.

Mergers & acquisitions: We provide extensive mergers and acquisitions advice, which amongst other things creates greater value. We also advice on disposals, spin-offs, divestitures and other restructurings.

Initial Public Offers (IPOs): UMB IHL in the form of an IPO helps companies to raise capital for expansion or embarking on new projects. An IPO is a first time offer of the stock of a private company to the general public. We provide assistance to the issuer to help determine the type of security to issue, the best offering price, the amount of shares to be issued and when to launch the IPO.

Capital raising (debt or equity): With our extensive market knowledge and investor relationships, we assist in the raising of debt and equity for the purposes of business expansion, repaying debts and funding asset acquisitions and other capital expenditure. These include IPOs, Bond Issue, Private Placements of shares and bonds.

Commercial Paper & Debenture Stock: We arrange and market commercial papers/debenture stocks on behalf of organizations and investors. This product is geared towards supporting reputable organizations with short to long term financial needs. The transaction involves the following:

• The issuing of a paper to raise funds to either support working capital or for expansion purposes.
• The marketing of the paper to investors.

Valuations: We provide business valuation to determine the economic value of a company or business, and also to determine the fair value of a business. This knowledge enables the seller or buyer make an informed offer.

Research: Our research desk provides industry and sector specific economic and financial research information.